Saturday, November 5, 2011

Roller Skating

I wanted to learn to roller skate so bad as a child, with them plastic skates and California sidewalks.
The sidewalks had  a small crack line to a big crack line across them where they were put together.

Every time I stood up on those skates I would fall, finally I got that down, then off to start roller skate, well that didn't go so well I would fall get back up, fall get back up again, those big crack lines on those side walks made me fall more times then I could count.
So as a child I got so mad I threw those plastic skates the last time I fell, didn't want no part in that falling again... But the desire to skate and succeed was just too strong inside me, yep you guessed it, I got back into those skates and kept trying until I succeeded. I went on to win races at the local skating rinks and winning competitions.

Rollerskating is like our handmade shops, it was a dream each one of us had, we fell and got back up and tried again and again until one day we each seen our dream and desire come to life, so we never give up learning to succeed, don't let the cracks in life slow you down, hurdle them to win your dream. Thank you Kallie


  1. Hi Kallie .....and may you roller skate right into lots of handmade holiday sales this year.
    Anita in AZ
    (aka Melobeau of MelodyODesigns)