Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Popcorn around the Christmas tree

I remember when my Grandma would make popcorn and we sat for hours stringing it to put on the Christmas tree, we had so much fun laughing and singing Christmas songs.

I passed this tradition on to my kids, along with letting them take beads and make a strand and cutting out stockings, hearts, stars and little bears and we all hand sewn  them, stuff them and then decorate them. The stitches wasn't perfect, but they sure was specially handmade.

We did this each year as they grew up, now that there out on there own, they have all there ornaments they made except a few that I kept for our tree, to put on there's.

Family love, laughter and singing songs and passing on traditions is what our Christmas was about, until one day our little son said mom dad instead of just saying Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Jesus He needs a birthday cake too, so that tradition was started too.

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